Meeting set for anyone interested in bagpipes

LAURINBURG — Anyone who might be interested in learning how to play the bagpipes can attend an informational meeting on Monday at the Scottish Heritage Center on the St. Andrews campus. Parents are also welcome.

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m.

“Anyone interested should come out to that meeting to find out more about the class,” said Bill Caudill, director of The Scottish Heritage Center and instructor of the St. Andrews University Pipe Band. ” We are looking for beginner bagpipers as well as those who may be interested in pursuing Scottish style drumming as well. Anyone is welcome to come out.

“I will be sharing information on the items each beginner would need to purchase, which, for pipers, include a ‘practice chanter’ and tutor book” he added, “and for drummers a pair of sticks and a practice pad.”

For information, call 910-277-5236.