Another look at Kaepernick

To the editor:

As most of us already know, television and newspaper news has been flooded with different opinions of NFL players concerning the playing of the National Anthem. Some people feel the players should protest by kneeling and others, including myself, feel it is a disgrace to our flag, country, and military. I have heard statements about how minorities’ ancestors were oppressed as a result of the “Middle Passage”, “Trail of Tears”, “Civil War”, etc., and I agree that all that is true and should never have happened. However, I can’t change the past as most of this was over a hundred years ago. I’m sorry that it happened, and I doubt that anyone living now was living then. So are any of us living now responsible for what happened over a hundred years ago?

The main reason for the start of these protests is more recent, and is concerning the alleged treatment of minorities by the police. I have no doubt that a small percentage of these allegations are true as there are a few bad people in any profession. Should all law enforcement be protested against for a few bad ones? Why should these protests be done against our country, flag, and military?

As for Colin Kaepernick, who is he to protest? He has worn socks with faces of pigs wearing police uniforms. He has worn t-shirts with pictures of the faces of Malcolm X and Fiedel Castro. (That doesn’t sound like your “all American boy” role modeI, does it?) I bet no one heard that or ever will on mainstream news. Anyone who doesn’t know, Malcolm X was a black supremacist for part of his life during the 1960’s., and Fiedel Castro was the Communist dictator of Cuba until his death last year. Malcolm X was assassinated by three members of the Nation of Islam, a group of which he was a member at one time. Castro was responsible for the deaths of many innocnet victims during his reign. Yes, Kaepernick has a right to protest, just as I a have right to give an opinion and protest anyone who supports a person who disrespects all law enforcement by referring to them as pigs, and seems to have a fondness for a black supremacist and a killer dictator.

Mike Johnson

Laurel Hill