Personal attacks must stop

To the editor:

The city of Laurinburg is the microcosm of the larger problems of this country.

Elected officials signed up for the job. Not only does that job include great responsibility to the district’s citizens and constituents, it also includes the ability to accept criticism from citizens with varying opinions. Disagreement is not the definition of hatred or dislike. Political affiliation does not afford you the right to publicly name-call your constituents. But your position as an elected official does set you up for ridicule. I don’t necessarily agree with attacks of the personal nature. But this is America. You filed to run. You accepted the responsibility of tough skin to weather the attacks on policy disagreements. If you can’t accept those responsibilities, then maybe you’re in the wrong position and need to re-evaluate your motivation.

Calling out preachers, news reporters, editors, and your own constituents is too much. You’re not running a country. Laurinburg was once a close knit community. Yes, in any demographic, district, or locale, there are differences of opinion. But I’ve never seen this level of divisiveness perpetrated by a supposed leader of the community. I think some self evaluation and self preservation is in order. Good ideas go by the wayside when you constantly attack people of differing opinions. It makes you look small and bitter. It’s time to work together for a larger, common good. Laurinburg is slowly deteriorating into an unlivable community. Name calling, spite work, and hatred will NEVER solve our issues. OUR being the keyword. Not yours. Ours. Just my two cents.

Yancy Collins