Scotland County residents reach out to help healthcare workers

By: JJ Melton - Staff writer
Contributed photo William Skipper and Derek Cole recently delivered supplies to Scotland Memorial Hospital.

LAURINBURG — A few Scotland County residents are going out of their way to go above and beyond what is required of them to help others during the current crisis.

Derek Cole, general manager at Simmons One-Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, recently donated to Scotland Memorial Hospital when he heard about the shortage of supplies at Scotland Memorial Hospital.

“One of our team members, Gabby, came to us and said her friend told her they needed shoe covers at the hospital,” said Cole.

So Cole and his team sprang into action.

“We then immediately called our shoe cover vendor and had six cases (900 pairs) next-day aired to us so we could deliver them to the hospital as soon as possible,” added Cole.

Shoe coverings are just one essential item of many the hospital could find themselves low on.

“We love to help when we can through donations and sponsorship,” said Cole, “because this has been our home for over 67 years.”

Other Scotland County businesses have also made contributions to Scotland Memorial Hospital.

“In addition to Simmons One-Hour Heating & Air, Service Thread, Lowe’s of Laurinburg, Baptists on Mission out of Red Springs, numerous individuals and church groups have made donations of essential protective supplies such as cloth masks as well as meals and snacks,” said Kirsten Dean, Scotland Memorial Foundation executive director.

“Additional businesses and individuals are calling, asking what can they do to help,” added Dean.

All of these donations are a benefit to the health care system during this COVID-19 pandemic.

“Whether it be through providing the essential protective supplies or the cloth masks, which aid in health and safety of Scotland County Memorial Hospital teammates as well as patients — it’s a wonderful morale-booster that a gift of a meal or snacks provide; all is extremely appreciated,” said Dean.

Scotland County residents who would like to contribute to the cause can do so in several ways.

‘We are accepting cloth masks and have provided a link to a pattern for ease,” said Dean. “We’d love to invite all those who are skilled at sewing to show off those skills with the donation of cloth masks.”

“Additionally, we welcome donations of essential protective supplies,” continued Dean.

The Foundation has also established a Critical Needs Fund to support Scotland Health Care Systems response to the coronavirus pandemic as well as future critical needs.

“There are so many ways that community members can help,” said Dean. “Monetary contributions, gifts of meals and snacks, essential protective supplies as well as sending well wishes and heartfelt thanks to all of the team responding.”

“These thanks could be signs or posters, chalk art, video messages, cards. Things that can be shared with all,” added Dean.

Any residents wishing to find more information can visit the Scotland County Memorial Hospital’s Facebook page.

“We are so grateful to the communities we serve for reaching out during this unprecedented time,” said Dean.

“One of the reasons this community means so much to me, both personally as well as professionally, is the generosity and humble giving spirit of so many. Our community is coming together, supporting one another in unique ways, truly amazing,” continued Dean.

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Contributed photo William Skipper and Derek Cole recently delivered supplies to Scotland Memorial Hospital. photo William Skipper and Derek Cole recently delivered supplies to Scotland Memorial Hospital.
Local businesses stepping up

JJ Melton

Staff writer