Several local stores wait for trucks to stock up on hurricane supplies

By: Jael Pembrick - Katelin Gandee

As Hurricane Florence approaches, many stores still have trucks coming in to help with those last-minute supplies. But some items will be hard to find.

According to several store representatives at Walmart, Tractor Supply, and Lowe’s, the stores have all run out of gas cans and employees are unsure if the upcoming deliveries will have any.


What’s still available

— Walmart at the time of the call had no bread or water but was expecting a truck with supplies sometime throughout the day likely carrying more hurricane supplies. The store did still have batteries.

— Food Lion at Scotland Crossing had no water or gas cans but did have a limited stock on deli bread and milk. The store is not expecting another truck before the storm.

— Food Lion at Northside Square had no milk but received a supply truck of water on Tuesday. The water is limited to five packs per customer. There was a shipment of bread on Wednesday afternoon. Management knows another supply truck of water is coming but they do not know if it will arrive before the storm. Small propane tanks are still available and the store also was stocked with canned goods, batteries and flashlights.

— Carlie C’s IGA had sold out of water and bread as well as D batteries. The store did have a few C, AA and AAA batteries left though as well as 20 to 25 tanks of propane. A truck with hurricane supplies was expected sometime during Wednesday.

— Big Lots received a shipment of water early Wednesday morning but had sold out of bread. The store also still had food, milk, and batteries. Another truck was not expected to come before the storm.

— Lowe’s was out of water and unsure if there would be a supply truck coming again before the storm hits. There were two truckloads of generators that came in on Tuesday and the store still had batteries.

— Tractor Supply had sold out of water, gas cans and generators but was expecting a truck to arrive with hurricane items and a generator truck. Depending on the weather there could be several more truck deliveries.

— Nic’s Pic Kwik gas stations still have gas, but management did not comment further.



If planning to go to the shelter at Scotland High, here are a few guidelines.— The school will open at 10 a.m. on Thursday morning.—The American Red Cross will not accept pets.— The shelter is not guaranteed to have power. If oxygen dependent, one should bring bottled oxygen enough to last four or five days.

Jael Pembrick

Katelin Gandee