County approves Wallace Way road name change

By: Jael Pembrick - Staff writer

LAURINBURG — It’s not normally a good thing for wives to keep secrets from their spouse, but it paid big dividends this week.

Charlie Wallace was given a memorable surprise on Monday, when the Scotland County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to rename FCC Service Road as Wallace Way. Wallace’s wife was in on the secret, but was asked to keep it a secret from him — instead telling him he needed to attend the meeting for an honor being given to Commissioner Bob Davis.

“Wallace Way just rolls off the tongue … I asked could we do that in honor of their family and they (Economic Development Corporation) agreed,” said Mark Ward, director of economic development and county commissioner.

The Economic Development Corporation wanted to honor John and Sandra Wallace, as well as their son Charlie, for all the work and impact they have had on Scotland County and the community. Charlie Ward is the owner of his parent’s company, Wallace Trucking, which was established in 1961.

The corporation bought a large amount of land from the family behind the Scotland County Economic Development Center and in the U.S. 401 area. The land will be used to build the Scotland Incubator Park, which will be near the Smart site, Laurinburg Scotland Industrial Park, and the Scotland County shell building.

“This project would not have come to fruition without the cooperation of Charlie Wallace and his family,” said County Commissioner Guy McCook.

With the county board’s approval, a petition will be sent to the North Carolina Department of Transportation to vote on the street-name change.

Along with this change came the commissioner’s approval to close a part of Heck Norton Road because of the economic development project being built in the area. That project will support new businesses that come to Laurinburg. The closing brings an end to NCDOT’s concern for having two entrances U.S. 401 so close together.

“I’m hoping late September or early October … we will have an official sign and a grand opening … with the opening of the incubator building,” Ward said.

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Jael Pembrick

Staff writer