Littering a bad lesson

To the editor:

Your coverage of the Litter Sweep was very good and I am sure many who could not take part in it certainly appreciated it. We thank those who gave selflessly of their time and energy to brighten our community.

Offering prizes for the most trash picked up was a good incentive for the cleanup. What if we turned our focus to those who offer their gifts of litter, who use other peoples’ yards and surrounding areas as their trash cans and refuse to hold that trash until it can be disposed of properly? A call to the police with a license number is all that is needed. There are fines for littering.

What has happened to us that we no longer respect others’ property nor the differences we have with others? I personally take part in a weekly and daily litter sweep in my yard which is on one of Laurinburg’s busiest thoroughfares. I do not return the favor of littering. My vehicle is always equipped with one or two plastic grocery bags that are used to contain litter from those riding in my vehicle or from little ones who may be passengers.

I teach what I believe by example. Those who litter are also teaching by example — a very bad example.

Wake up citizens of Laurinburg and take pride in our community. It takes very litter effort to do so. I pray that God will give us a reverence for his creation, and for the wisdom and will to take care of what he has given us.


A.L. Harris