Disappointed in city council

To the editor:

I am a citizen of Scotland County. These school closings are not a good thing.

You city councilman need to sit up and take notice. Dr. Block is 100 percent right on all accounts. You need to listen to the citizens for once and stop acting like you’re the only ones that matter.

You can probably afford these higher taxes and light bills to pay for all this. The majority of us can’t. You build walls around schools for what?

A couple of years later, there are schools closing (wasted money) but yet you’re always right. The public is not stupid. We have no say so whatsoever. if we did, this would not be happening to the existing schools.

This talk about a shooting gallery in school. Don’t we have enough trouble without asking for more? We need these school closings like we need a new City Hall. Again fix up what you have. What it comes down to — the citizens don’t matter. It’s all about what you all want. Why don’t you take a drive through the city to see how many homes are up for sale and how many are sitting empty.

It will help you see that our city is doomed if you all don’t change your way of doing things and start taking the citizens seriously. Most of us say no to school closings and a new City Hall.

Dr. Block you’re a born leader. You’re just what the city needs. it is a pity they can’t see that. I’m disappointed in our city council members.

Effie Quick