Construction zone reason for blocked school exit

By: By Beth Lawrence - Staff reporter

LAUREL HILL — Representatives for Scotland County Schools say parents don’t need to be concerned by a sheet of plywood blocking a school entrance at Laurel Hill Elementary.

Some parents were worried that the wood over the entrance created a fire hazard because it blocked a possible fire escape.

The exit was recently blocked due to the fact the door in question opens into the construction area where the school’s new addition is being built, according to Meredith Bounds, Scotland County Schools public information officer.

“The door was first blocked for safety reasons so that kids couldn’t go out into the construction zone,” Bounds said. “The plywood was put up later to protect the glass doors because equipment is out there tearing up the sidewalk. The wood is not presently affixed to the door. It’s leaning against it.”

The school has made provisions to accommodate the fact that the exit is now blocked by creating new emergency routes and practicing those routes with fire drills. Fire Marshall Bud McAllister has also inspected and approved the changes.

“We’ve had three fire drills especially for that reason so the kids and staff will know where to go now,” Bounds said. “The new fire escape plans are posted in the the school and all the classrooms.”

Bounds said that the school will also continue to have its regular monthly fire drills using the new route until things return to normal.

By Beth Lawrence

Staff reporter

Reach Beth Lawrence 910-506-3169

Reach Beth Lawrence 910-506-3169