Commissioners plan to rid county of Mosquitos

LAURINBURG — Scotland County may get relief from those little bloodsuckers yet- county manger Kevin Patterson announced the a mitigation program plan is underway to get rid of mosquitoes Friday at the commissioners board meeting.

Patterson said that the state of North Carolina has allotted $4 million towards treating for mosquitoes. Scotland County has been allotted $54,000. The values and where the treatments will go in the county are based off of population density. Patterson stated that they have requested to the state to send 1000 larvacide tablets. Those tablets can be put in standing water and kill mosquito eggs.

“The quicker we can move on this, the better,” said Whit Gibson, chairman.

The manager shared that officials are looking into the matter of choosing aerial treatments or ground treatments. Either way is expensive but vehicle sprays ($21 per mile) are cheaper when compared to aerial sprays. A goal is that household treatment kits will soon be available.

“We need those kits, especially for those in wider communities,” said Patterson.

The board plans to have a special board meeting to approve of treatment and routes by next week.

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