An adjustable tax rate for all

To the editor:

According to your Nov. 2 front-page AP article, “Trump signals openness to changes in GOP tax plan” – “The package blends a sharp reduction in top corporate and business tax rates with more modest relief for individuals.” Sen. Ron Johnson of Wis. said: “It doesn’t cut business taxes enough for partnerships and corporations.” As always, Democrats are saying the GOP plan favors the super rich at the expense of the working poor. How long will Republicans and Democrats jockey for position on this issue while such a simple solution is so evident?

All America needs is two flat tax rates; a temporary higher one until our national deficit is paid in full, and a lower fluctuating rate according to need once our nation is totally out of debt. Although we exercise and greatly benefit from separation of church and state, why not follow God’s method for tithing? Let everyone from minimum-wage workers to multi-billionaires pay the same percentage, but adjusted yearly according to government need, thereby eliminating high-interest deficits.

Yes, currently the wealthy are assigned a much higher tax rate than the working poor, but after corporate tax loopholes, what percentage do they actually pay? Why not simplify the tax code by eliminating lucrative loopholes for the rich, as well as deductions for the working poor; then tax minimum-wage workers to billionaires at the same percentage rate? Why not? Because such a simple code could not be easily manipulated by politicians in favor of their wealthy campaign contributors!

Furthermore, eliminate corporate taxation altogether, thereby eliminating the excuse for sending jobs to third-world countries. Eliminate taxation of unincorporated businesses that create jobs as well. Tax only the take-home pay of individuals, whether they be laborers, educators, entertainers, journalist, supervisors, managers, investors, corporate CEOs, stockholders or what-ever. The only jobs eliminated would be those of accountants, no longer needed to decode tax forms too complicated for untrained individuals to understand.

Why wouldn’t a simple adjustable tax rate/enforced collection rate on all, regardless of their station in life, be fair to all?

Robert C. Currie Jr.