City, county curfew remains in effect

By: Jael Pembrick - Staff writer

LAURINBURG — Scotland County residents have more reason to bundle up at home. Scotland County and the city of Laurinburg added a curfew to the Declaration of a State of Emergency for the city and county Wednesday.

The curfew is from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. and it took effect Thursday at 8 a.m.

The declaration states that no one should appear in public during those hours unless exempt.

Exempt personnel are:

— Any police officers or public safety officers and government officials who are doing official business

— Any members, volunteers, or employees of an organization who are providing disaster relief services

— Any medical service providers that are delivering medical services

— Members of the news media who are providing essential information to the public

All must have proper identification.

“The curfew was put in place as a safety measure for the County. Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, County and City Administration all felt that having a curfew in place will allow public safety personnel to concentrate efforts towards situations that are sure to arise during this storm,” stated Scotland County Sheriff Ralph Kersey. “This curfew is to encourage citizens to stay indoors where it is safe during the storm at night.”

County Manager Assistant Travis Scott says the curfew is a two for one to assure that lives are preserved.

“It keeps the public safe as well as it clears the way for emergency personnel to get to people who really need help,” said Scott.

He also wants the public to know that the curfew does not stop people from working.

“Have your identification if you are going to work or picking up family members from work,” said Scott.

Kersey also urges people who are working to allow enough time for travel.

”If you do have to work please allow ample time for travel during the storm as we are currently expecting 10+ inches of rain and sustained winds of 30-40 mph, with gusts reaching 50-60 mph,” Kersey added.

The curfew will remain in place until officials change or end it.

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Jael Pembrick

Staff writer