Highway Patrol begins high school internship program

By: Staff report

RALEIGH — In an effort to increase positive relationships between police and youth, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol have started a high school internship program.

The program begins this month and will be a 40-hour program designed to help provided students with a real-life perspective on a career in law enforcement.

“This program offers both educational advancements in law enforcement and increased organizational productivity,” said Colonel Glenn McNeill Jr., commander of the State Highway Patrol. “Our goal is to develop career-minded young men and women who have inspirations of becoming a state trooper.”

Participants will complete non-law enforcement related duties while learning the professional standards used by uniform personnel, including the mandatory tasks of NCSHP district office observation, local jail facility tour, observing district and Superior Court and riding along with a trooper.

Students will also have optional tasks they can complete such as basic school observation, NCSHP defensive driving training, and NCSHP defensive tactics training.

Upon completing the required tasks interns will be required to complete an essay summarizing their experience of the program. After all the requirements have been sufficiently met the intern will receive a graduation certificate.

For more information contact the Hamlet State Highway Patrol office at 910-582-7018.

Staff report