Special Teams Player of the Week

By: By Amber Hatten - ahatten@laurinburgexchange.com

LAURINBURG — Joseph “Poppa” McKoy is a 5-foot 8-inch junior at Scotland High School. He is one of the running backs, wearing No. 44, for the Fighting Scots this season and has been named this week’s Special Teams Player of the Week.

Each Friday, the Exchange will feature one offensive, one defensive and one special teams player from the Fighting Scots, chosen by the coaches, to be the Players of the Week.

Joseph started Friday’s third round playoff game with a 95-yard kick return to set up the Scots first touchdown of the game. For the game, Joseph has 47 carries for 468 yards and one touchdown. For the season, Joseph has 38 carries for 390 yards and four touchdowns.

“Poppa’s kick return really set the tone for Friday’s game,” said head coach Richard Bailey. “He continues to gain the confidence of a starter.”

The 185-pound junior plans to attend North Carolina State University but is undecided on what he wants to major in. Joseph does hope to play football at the collegiate level while he figures out what he wants to do for a career after college.

When asked what is favorite memory of playing sports was Joseph said scoring touchdowns and getting hit.

He is most looking forward to winning a 4A state championship.

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By Amber Hatten