Will the real Democrats stand up?

By: Mark Schenck - Contributing columnist

Recently Democrats have been quoted as saying they are just waiting for the next election?

Pray tell which Democrat Party might that be as currently, the Democrat Party seems to be having an identity crisis. There are so many variations to the Democrat Party these days that many of their own members are confused as to what they stand for. Should they be called Democrat socialists like Bernie Sanders?

Democrats should use caution when considering voting for a Democrat Socialist Party. Socialist make promises to share the wealth but always end up sharing poverty instead. A socialist party could dismantle the greatest industrial engine the world has ever known. Besides what would be gained by converting to socialism? Our country’s economy is based on “free market capitalism” where the bottom 10 percent of our poor live better than 90 percent of those living in the socialist Republic of Russia.

Or are the Democrats waiting to change our country into the “progressive republic of the United States” where the Constitution is considered obsolete and must be modified to allow any act that is currently popular at the time. Where law officers are reduced from enforcing the law to being nursemaids responsible for seeing that the rights of the criminally misguided and disadvantaged are not abused.

Or are the Democrats planning to change the USA to the “Liberal United States of America” that consists of your basic left-wing anarchists. Liberal Americans are very generous when it comes to giving away other peoples money and freedoms yet when freedom of speech is involved it is only allowed if you agree with the liberals, all others are not allowed to speak and may be attacked and or physically injured if they try.

On the other hand liberals claim to love our country, yet bash our government’s effort to protect us from drugs and criminals flooding across our borders.

Liberals advocate sanctuary cities where illegal aliens are protected from the law. But who protects the cities victims from the thieves, rapists, drug dealers, child molesters murderers? Is it right to protect the rights of a minority of illegal criminals by trashing the rights of the majority?

Liberals refer to Christianity as an “infringement of people’s freedom” and any type of references to Jesus or God are strictly forbidden in public schools yet in states like Minnesota and Michigan and Massachusetts public schools are being used for Muslim prayers? Now who is being discriminated against?

The main focus in today’s political proposals are centered around getting the economy jump started. Neither socialists, progressives, globalists or liberals will allow the one proven method of getting the economy back on the track and that is to cut corporate and individual’s taxes, which is obviously not welcome in today’s socialist/Democrat environment. President’s Kennedy and Reagan’s economic model of cutting individual and corporate taxes was recently proposed by Republicans and instantly started a diatribe of snarky name calling and demonization that usually accompanies any proposal that might help employers. It’s hard to imagine that after all these years the Democrats are still relying on class warfare to bring in votes from the poor. Other than calling everyone racist that disagrees with their political views class warfare probably gets more votes from the poor than any of the other Democrat’s shams.

All we can do is wonder what is in the Kool-Aid Democrat socialist are drinking when they can’t seem to understand simple logic. Our country’s sluggish economy, for one thing, is related to our country having the highest corporate tax rate in the world. But when you stop and think about it our local government has the same problem with logic. The locals politicians discount the effect of having one of the highest tax rates in North Carolina and chooses to blame our sluggish economy on our lack of a fancy new city hall. Pass the Kool-Aid please, but I digress, we have a proven plan, now do we have the strong leaders in congress to implement it?

The Kennedy-Reagan economic combination of tax-rate cuts and a strong dollar has never been tried in this century which could be the reason we are in a 16-year period of unprecedented economic sluggishness. The two greatest political figures of the last 60 years, JFK and Ronald Reagan gave us the economic model we need today to set our great nation back on the road to economic growth again and all the Democrat politicians are doing is trying to get votes from our poor using the same old class warfare. Democrat Socialists could destroy our economy much the same way socialist George Soros destroyed England’s economy.

Liberals, on the other hand can and are destroying our country’s moral structure, our heritage, religious rights and our family values. However the most dangerous group to our survival as a nation are Democrat globalists. Former President Obama showed his preference toward many of the globalists philosophy’s during his eight-year term. As with the globalists, President Obama saw no reason to control borders. Everyone should be free to move anywhere without restrictions. He also believed the entire world should be controlled by one central government with global laws and regulations enforced by an international police force. Obama’s permitting U.N. monitoring of our elections, his preference for a carbon tax, which is just a front for socialist wealth redistribution, and President Obama’s attempt to justify a national police force to control local law enforcement activities involving riots. All of these fit in the globalist’s world.

So the next few years should be interesting to see who will win out in the Democrat Party: Socialist, liberals, progressives, or globalists or some kind of mixture. But one thing for sure the grand old days of JFK are over and there are nothing but radicals representing the Democrat Party in the foreseeable future.


Mark Schenck

Contributing columnist

Mark Schenck is chairman of the Scotland County Republican Party

Mark Schenck is chairman of the Scotland County Republican Party