Death of a giant

To the editor:

A man dies and his family mourns. A giant dies and the nation mourns. Such is the case of the untimely death of Antonin Scalia. A stalwart member of our most revered government institution, the Supreme Court, where he was for 30 years an Associate Justice.

What an alive human being. His words and opinions rank among the most erudite in American jurisprudence. A strict Constitutionalist (meaning the words of the Constitution mean what they say).

I recall his many opinions, delivered with clarity and irrefutable in logic, he stood tall amid his peers. Given the title of conservative his opinions frequently were the voice of the minority. Often in my opinion his minority view was presented with more clarity and better reasoning than the majority opinion.

Most notably of recent memory, were two decisions, one involving same sex marriage and the other Obamacare, where Justice Scalia’s dissent was more persuasive than the majority. Friendly always ready with a quip, his friends are legendary.

But perhaps the most impressing remembrance of the man was the fact that his (and his wife’s) closest friends were Mr. and Mrs. Ruth Bader Ginsberg, probably, she being the most extreme liberal justice on the Supreme Court. They vacationed together, enjoyed opera together and were all around good pals.

This was Justin Scalia who will be sorely missed. But we must remind ourselves that in this great land giants do rise up to appear in our midst. It is up to us to remember them.

God save the republic; God protect the USA.

Jim Beales