City must stop bickering

To the editor:

As we try to attract individuals and much-needed businesses to our community, perhaps there are individuals or businesses out there whose decisions have been or are being adversely affected or delayed by the bickering between our mayor and city council. “Why should I move or move my business to a place where even a non-partisan mayor and council can’t get along in a civil manner?”

There are many reasons but if for no other reason than community development, this behavior must stop and stop soon. Certainly any mayor can disagree with the opinions of the city council or its individual members and express the disagreement and the reasons for it. That does not include a right for personal attacks. All were elected by the people. Over the years previous Laurinburg mayors and council members have dealt with a lot of difficult issues but civility in dealing with each other was always on the table. Let’s bring civility as well as mature behavior and leadership back to our city government.

I use this letter to the editor to ask Laurinburg citizens to join me in demanding that we have civility in our city government. It must start with example and leadership from the mayor as it has in previous administrations. We have no choice if we expect this community to continue to move forward and if we want to remove doubts about the quality of our local government from the minds of prospective individuals and businesses. It is the right thing to do.

William R. Purcell, MD