Letter:Don’t burden Laurinburg taxpayers

To the editor:

As I read the article regarding Councilman (Curtis) Leak’s statement, “I am determined to go forward with the project irregardless to what the people say.”

So he alone is determined to absolutely bankrupt Scotland County for some ego maniacal idea? I would like to ask Mr. Leak and his four colleagues this — have any one of you thought about who the true taxpayers in this county are?

They are senior citizens. Have you thought long-term about as the senior citizens expire who you will have left? The young people of this county cannot wait to leave. That is youngsters with goals and ambitions. Have you seen the number of people who will not pay their taxes each year? Some owe thousands. Have you not passed the city of Laurinburg building on cut-off date? The cars are lined down the street people trying to meet the deadline and have you seen how many citizens are without lights and water each month?

I am in my mid-70s and it does not matter to me what you build, but it should be the majority of the people — not five people. I know if God is willing and I am alive who I will not be voting for. A wise man once said you cannot fix stupid.

Sara Bass