An open letter from a supporter to State Rep. Garland Pierce

It gives me great honor to donate to your campaign to “Re-Elect Representative Garland Pierce to House District 48.”

I know, personally, of the many sacrifices you have (already) made, and I also happen to know about the ones that you continuously make for the people. Representative Pierce, I know of your labor firsthand. I am often there working too, so I have actually seen you breaking a sweat while performing physical labor in the fields, trenches and streets … so that families are fed, crime is addressed, sentencing is fair, children are cared for, the elderly are looked after, inmates are treated fairly, essential workers are treated right, educational needs are met, and healthcare needs are addressed.

You have put up a tremendous fight for the rights of the people you represent, but not only just to them, you are kind and caring to all.

You are an honorable man, a husband, father, grandfather and a wonderful pastor who exemplifies excellent Christian morals for all to follow. I know of no one more worthy to serve the people of North Carolina. You have always put your best foot forward and sounded your voice on every issue that matters to the people. You, sir, are a dedicated friend … of the people.

Thank you for the many functions that you attend in order to lend your support to worthy causes. And thank you for inviting others to come out and support them as well. I’ve noticed that you do not worry about how large the crowds are. You will appear before the smallest crowd just as lively, concerned and eager as you would come out to support a larger crowd.

“We, the people,” “fairness and justice,” and “love and respect for each other” is really what matters to you, and it is evidenced in the sincerity displayed in your many relationships and in your interaction with us. It is proven to all of us .. as we witness your dedication and genuine commitment to serve the people of North Carolina. We are blessed and grateful to have you sitting in “Our House!” You have truly represented ‘ALL PEOPLE” extremely well.

Rep. Pierce, may God continue to guide you, protect you and richly bless you. Thank you for your willingness to serve.

Wishing you the very best,

Rev. Gail D. Howell McAfee