Senior center has been improved immensely

I promised an update on seniors’ equipment at Scotland Senior Center. After the story appeared in the Laurinburg Exchange, things started improving.

To me, most of the praise goes to Tammy Jacobs. She ordered new beanbags, bocce balls and shuffleboard wax and equipment; also, an indoor cabinet to store and protect these items.

The shuffleboard court was cleaned and repainted by a group of volunteers — bless them all.

The only thing left to do is the bocce court — the sitting benches especially.

I would also praise Tammy for senior trips, different activities and picking up bingo prizes, which takes a lot of time and patience. She has improved the Senior Center activities 100 percent.

I also thank her sidekick, Shirley.

Seniors, I have to say, aren’t the easiest people to please, but with her hard work, she excels in this.

I thank you for paying attention to my complaint.

Joan A. Thompson