Still desperate for help after Hurricane Florence

Most of you know that Hurricane Florence destroyed lots of homes in Laurinburg — mine being one of them.

I have been living on the property for the past nine years and never witnessed anything like this. My family has been pulled apart as a result. My wife and kids have to stay somewhere separate from me.

Hurricane Florence happened approximately four weeks ago and we have yet to get any help from anyone. As of now we have lost everything and the contaminated water is still standing in the yard to at least my ankles.

As a result from the water, we have an abundance of mosquitos. They have eaten my dog up. We are now in the process of nursing her back to health.

I’d appreciate if someone would just try to feel my pain and my family’s. This has been a horrific experience and I am at the point where I’ve done all I can on my own. Please help!

FEMA has been out, however we have not heard back nor has any help been offered at this time. Thank you in advance for any support you can provide.


Michael White