The enemy from within

Ever wonder why conservatives are called “the right” and liberals, the goats or “the left”?

I don’t mean to disturb my liberal friends and I’m not even going to quote Scripture … read it for yourself, (Mt. 25:31-46; Ecclesiastes 10:2). Could it be that the author, in His infinite wisdom, tells us why in His Word? Pretty self-explanatory to me.

Makes me wonder, with that kind of direct warning, why anyone would choose to serve the antichrist, double-standard, liberal left. The Democrats have become known as the “Party of Death,” and a follower of the false religion of “Thelema.” Haven’t you noticed lately how they can’t seem to think for themselves?

There’s coming a pay day. They think their big battle this year is with the Republicans, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The wolf at their door is the Democratic Socialist of America. Did you know that the DSA are running 42 candidates in 20 states on federal, state, and local levels for the 2018 elections?

Don’t think the DSA pose a threat to this country? Think again. In 2016, average membership was around 6,000. DSA now reports membership have risen to over 45,000 and they continue to rise rapidly. That’s a 700-percent increase in less than 48 months.

Goodbye America as we know it.

Carl A. Hinson Sr.