Coming together to rebuild communities

Lives lost. Entire towns submerged. Homes and businesses destroyed.

Hurricane Florence devastated communities and impacted millions of lives across North Carolina, particularly in coastal and river communities. While many are still anxiously waiting for the floodwaters to recede, the massive clean-up effort is underway as we get through this trying time together.

effort is underway as we get through this trying time together.

More than 1.8 million Duke Energy customers lost power as a result of Hurricane Florence, and an army of more than 20,000 workers has completed restoration to all homes and business capable of receiving power. We are continuing to work with customers to address those impacted most severely by the storm, and with communities, to help address the longer-term challenges and concerns in the aftermath of this devastating storm.

Times like these are trying for all of us, so we certainly appreciate our customers’ patience as Duke Energy worked to restore their electricity in very difficult conditions.

Our work would not have been possible without the extraordinary partnerships and support we received. We worked with emergency management, first responders and local, state and national agencies to help navigate hazards, travel routes, secure police escorts and coordinate access to the hardest-hits areas to make repairs and restore power. Additionally, fellow utilities traveled from 25 states to be part of the largest restoration workforce in our company’s history in the Carolinas.

Our employees have told many stories about the strong support and outpouring of gratitude they received from civic leaders and customers, despite the extensive damage to their own homes and communities. Businesses opened their doors (even without power) to allow us to gather supplies; churches provided hot meals to line workers after long days, and neighbors offered words of encouragement to crews in the field.

I’ve had the great pleasure to live in North Carolina my entire life and have witnessed historic storms, such as Fran, Floyd, Matthew and now Florence. More powerful than all of those storms has been the character, grit and resiliency of the great people of this state.

We know the road to recovery will be long for eastern North Carolina. Please be assured that our 15,000 North Carolina employees at Duke Energy will be here, working beside you, through the very last power restoration and on to the rebuilding efforts ahead.

David Fountain

North Carolina president

Duke Energy