Exactly how far have we digressed?

In his Sept. 13th column, “Living up to our promise,” Lee Hamilton, “… a senior advisor for the Indiana University Center On Representative Government” wrote: “We face immense systemic problems at the moment: racial discrimination, wage stagnation, staggering income inequality, political polarization, the pernicious effects of too much money washing around in the system, the degradation of civil discourse.”

How true! Columnist Hamilton also wrote: “As Americans we believe in a set of democratic ideals, basic rights, fundamental freedoms, and the notion that all people are created equal and are entitled to dignity. These are ideals that give us cohesiveness and identify us.” True, these are ideals that could, but can they give us cohesiveness as long as there is “…too much money washing around in the system …?”

I am passed 70 years of age. I have watched our democratic republic survive and progress due to one major factor, our free press, while totalitarian governments eliminated reporters and writers who dared attempt to speak or write truth, with imprisonment, shooting or poisoning.

For at least 20 years, since our great nation thus far does not tolerate the murder of reporters and writers, I have observed “… money washing around in the system …” attempt to murder our free press. How I wish American ideals truly led to cohesiveness. But as long as our free press is our major defense against manipulation of political leaders by “…money washing around in the system …,” special interest financed “alternative media” will convince America’s gullible to criticize and insult the mainstay of our democratic republic, and view indisputable documented truth as “fake news,” now won’t it?

Have we digressed from the great nation that sponsored “Radio Free Europe” to “Radio Deceive America?”

What do you think?

Robert C. Currie Jr.