Flow of illegal immigrants must be slowed

Illegal immigration is again at the forefront of the news because of Mollie Tibbetts murder in the heartland by an illegal immigrant.

The debate about illegal immigration seems to increase and decrease over whatever news story is currently being presented by the news media. The news media only covers stories that they believe is of interest to their readers and viewers. The individual story may be one of interest to the left or right. How the news story is presented depend on what side of the immigration debate that the news outlet is on.

What many of the debaters seem to forget is that all illegal immigrants are criminals because of how they have entered the United States.

There are many of those who have entered this nation illegally that are only looking for a better life for their family and themselves. Those that only want a better life for their family and themselves have committed no other crime than entering the USA illegally. These are the people that should be given first consideration to remain in the USA until those that have caused harm to the people of the USA are removed. They will need to come forward and receive a special identification card that allows them to remain in the USA legally.

On the other side of the coin are the illegal immigrants that have come to the USA to cause mayhem. It is these illegals that we must deport as soon as possible. These are the illegals that are committing crimes while in the USA. They came to the USA with the sole purpose of committing crimes be it selling drugs, rape, murder, robbery assault, etc.

The sanctuary city and sanctuary state officials that catch and release those who have committed crimes should be charged as an accessory to the crime that was committed. By releasing illegals that have committed a crime they have not only put the citizens of their city at risk they have put the citizens of the USA at risk.

To reduce the flow of illegal immigrants we must build a wall along our southern border with Mexico. The wall will not only reduce the flow of illegal immigrants it will reduce the flow of a lot of other illegal activity, such as drugs and weapons, from entering the USA.

The USA is a nation of immigrants and we should openly welcome those that come here legally with a desire to become part of the culture of the USA.

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount