Classified ad scam is a concern

I just finished reading about your “bestie” … the phisherwoman. That was funny!

However, what isn’t funny is that there is a help wanted ad in your paper that is doing the same thing … sorta. The ad is for someone to assist with elderly care at the rate of $25 hour, four hours a day, four days a week.

I responded to that ad but realized after a couple of exchanged emails what it was. My neighbor’s daughter also responded and ended up with a check for (I think) $2,800. She didn’t cash it — she took it to the sheriff’s department. All they did was tear it up.

Personally, I think there should have been more investigation into it. Isn’t there some kind of policing agency somewhere that investigates fraud?

If the ad is running in your paper, and two of us have responded, then the odds are pretty darn good that there have been others. It would be a pity to see a story in the future about someone locally being taken advantage of by this scam, especially when something could be done now.

On another note … I really do like your Good News!

Connie Cochrane

n Laurinburg