People need to start poking back at ‘contrarian’

I just read a letter to the editor online from a Laurinburg resident who spoke about “a local contrarian who holds an elected office.” I think we all know who that individual is.

That same “contrarian” recently took on a local icon in Jim Quick, who performed at the last Laurinburg After Five concert — a battle that he will Quickly lose. Being the mayor of that city, one would think this “contrarian” would want to be the positive face of the city by attending every event possible. But he doesn’t. He simply hides out someplace and pokes fun or takes uncalledfor shots at people and events.

This “contrarian” is nothing more than a bully.

Even more incredible is that he actually has followers (but are they local people?) who support and praise him on Facebook and the local newspaper website’s comments section — although most don’t have any respect for the process by identifying themselves.

This man has a reputation that reaches far beyond Scotland County’s border, and that reputation is not a good one — which puts a poor light on Laurinburg as a whole.

To push my comments aside, I assume he will make light of the fact I don’t live in Laurinburg, but neither does he. Jim Quick can claim Laurinburg as his hometown far easier and truthful than this mayor can.

It’s time people started poking back.

Horace Phillips