Our community and country need moderation

I write this letter after consideration of some recent far (political) right and far left letters to the editor, and the speeches and activities at odd times of a local contrarian who holds an elected office.

Our new editor has an ongoing effort in search of good news, which is commendable. I would like to suggest that it would be good news if there would be more published writings that speak of moderations — in politics and in personal attitudes. The answers to many troubling questions that our American society is dealing with lie somewhere close to the middle.

I do realize there are certain things that people of differing views must stand firm against changing.

What seems to me, in my humble opinion, is the greatest need in all segments of and in all neighborhoods of our great nation is the need to listen to one another. And then we need to seriously ponder upon what we hear. We should also be able to expect others to respect and consider our points of view.

Thank you,

Stephen Dickens