The division of the United States

At birth we are granted by God life, freedom, and freewill; how we use all these are up to us.

It is our freedom and freewill that allows us to make decisions for ourselves. God granted us freedom and freewill so that we could decide how we are going to live the life that He granted us.

Today in the United States we are divided into three basic groups, two groups are very sure how they should use the freedom and freewill that God has given them. The third group continually flip flops as how they should use their freedom and freewill.

The first group are those who believe in self-reliance. This group believes that we should make our own way and decide for ourselves how we will live our life. We are responsible for the decisions that shape our life and should be dependent on others for as little as possible. These people are normally doers and thinkers finding ways to live their life with as little dependency on others as possible.

The second group are those that use their freedom and freewill initially to figure out away to have others pay for their support. This group advocates for entitlement programs paid for by the government making them dependent for their support from government taxation. They believe that we should have a communal society where everything is shared and each individual is dependent on the communal group for their support.

The third group of course is unsettled as to how they should use their freedom and freewill. They float from group to group seldom settling on a direction for their life and contribute little to society.

We are today individuals where the decisions we have made have guided us to be. Many are making a decent living but there are many that have become dependent on the government for their life’s subsistence.

If we want a better life for ourselves, we cannot become dependent on our subsistence being supplied by the government. We have to make decisions that place us in a self-reliant condition where we provide the necessary items for our subsistence with little government help.

If you start depending on the government for support, most will likely always depend on the government for support. It will take a traumatic event to change your direction to get you to leave the comfort of the government planation.

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount