Whom really built what?

Thank you for the excellent July 25 editorial page. The expository editorial proving there are “witches to hunt,” Ray Shamlin’s profound address of wasteful government spending, and especially Patsy Sheppard’s well-researched and proven unspin of the “apology tour” lie.

Please allow me to unspin another I still find shocking. In a speech, Barack Obama complimented our magnificent nation’s exceptional infrastructure, which is beneficial to businesses and consumers alike. In the next sentence, obviously responding to special-interest American’s tendency to claim credit they do not deserve, he said: “If you have a business, you didn’t build that.”

Obama did not say “You didn’t build it.” He did not say “You didn’t build your business.” He said “that,” referring to the infrastructure built with the tax money of consumers and businesses alike. The statement was immediately spun into “President Obama does not give American business people credit for building their own businesses.”

It’s not the attempted spin I find shocking. I am shocked and disappointed that afterward, at least one hundred thousand Americans went to a convention titled “We Did Build That,” proving that they either were so consumed with resentment of their president that they would accept an obvious lie, or they pathetically did not understand the difference between two simple one-syllable words, “it” and “that.”

Our ancestors built, and collectively we maintain and improve, America’s excellent infrastructure. It is not a gift from special interest business people, now is it?

Robert C. Currie Jr.