My own view of the Bible

Over the past few months I have been debating with friends and acquaintances about the Bible, its contents, and how many Christians apply those contents to their Christian faith. As a novice in the study of the Bible I have only taken religious courses in college. Over my lifetime I have read the Bible from cover to cover twice. In my senior years I now receive devotional readings each day to teach me a portion of the Bible with hopes of gaining insight to what God has in store for me.

Through my studies I have become a literalist, “the Bible says what it says and means what it says.” I believe that the Bible is written by man with Devine guidance of God. Man has an inquisitive mind, so God has used allegories in many cases to get his point across. It is these allegories that cause much confusion for the average reader. Many readers want to twist these allegories into something that fits their belief rather than use the words God has given us.

The Bible is a training manual for the individual. When God or Jesus speak they speak to the individuals. God or Jesus may be speaking in front of a multitude, but their words are spoken to the individuals not the multitude. You will find that their manner of speech is as guidance for the individuals not as guidance for a group. If God and Jesus can get individuals to act and do as they wish, then the group will act and do as God and Jesus wishes.

I believe for individuals, a group, or a church to be Christian they must follow the Bible as written. We as individuals have no right to try and twist the Bible to fit whatever situation that we want it to fit.

The Bible requires many things of us. It requires us to work. It requires us to care for our family and relatives. It requires us as individuals to care for the poor and needy. The Bible provides guidance for every situation that we may find along our path, all we have to do is look to the scriptures and we will find the proper guidance. It is the failure to follow the guidance as written in the scriptures that cause us to do the wrong things.

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount