Letter: Consolidate Scotland County’s law enforcement

To the editor:

For heavens sake. J.D. Willis was on the board of commissioners for 22 years and most of that time as chairman. He knows full well how the financing for the county and city works.

The city council has created enough problems without starting to lie to the public. He knows very well that, should we decide to consolidate the police, there is absolutely no reason why either the county of the city should lose any officers. It could be organized any way we wanted it. Consolidation would be for the efficiency of operation, not for saving money. If operated well it could save some money, but the idea is to be effective and efficient.

When J.D. Willis was chairman of the board of commissioners, he led the efforts to get a City Hall and a recreation center for Wagram. I applaud his efforts. But at the same time, he kicked in $500,000 of county money to help Wagram with its efforts. The citizens of Laurinburg chipped in their share enough through their county tax.

In Scotland County, our police protection should be as good as we can make it. Consolidation would be, without question, an intelligent step toward that goal. All of Scotland County would benefit.

William H. Morgan