Letter: We’re all in this together

To the editor,

Congress say we can fix health care by offering pared-down insurance policies that let us pay only for what we need. Sounds good, right? Let’s say you’re young and healthy, maybe single with no kids. You are not worried about prescriptions, or mental health coverage, a heart attack or a chronic illness.

No need for rehab for a broken hip, like many seniors like me. On the other hand, senior citizens may ask why they need to pay maternity, pediatric services or for a youngster who breaks a leg.

To me, the real question is what kind of place we want to live in. Is it a place where we look after ourselves and our families and forget everybody else?

We all support the public schools, no matter if we have kids or grandkids, and everybody benefits. And now everyone pitches in to pay for the care we need as we get older. It is for the common good of everyone in our community. Health insurance shouldn’t be any different then public education, transportation and other services.

Medicaid is also for the common good. Recipients got medical services, but no cash. Medicaid helps finance all health care providers —doctors, dentists, physical therapists, you name it— and it keeps our rural hospital and your drugstore and the local nursing homes running. Medicaid is essential to our economic well-being.

We’re all in this together. We should demand that all our US senators and representatives work together for our common good and health, and not for the good of one political party or interest group.

John Schmidt