Green energy a real killer

To the editor:

It seems as if the renewable energy industry is having trouble surviving as the government subsidies are starting to disappear. Our county has numerous solar farms throughout former farmland. Has the construction of these solar farms brought long-term employment to Scotland County? What happens to these solar farms if the companies go bankrupt?

The Ivanpach Solar Plant in the Mojave Desert kills over 6,000 birds a year; many are incinerated according to an article by the Los Angeles Times. The term the people use is “streaming” when a bird is incinerated. The bird is flying and then explodes causing a white stream in the air. This solar plant was placed next to a migrating bird refuge, some refuge. It has been reported that wind turbines kill 1,000 birds a day. Bloomberg News said that over 500,000 birds a year are killed because of solar and wind turbine energy. If these birds had been killed by an oil spill you would be reading about this in the headlines and there would be a major story on TV.

With energy prices being low, green energy is more expensive than other energy sources, such as natural gas. Germany has gone to over 30 percent green energy. Their electricity costs have gone up an average of 50 percent from 2007-2016. German industry is moving to Slovakia in search of lower cost energy.

The next time you are passing by a solar farm, just think was it worth the 90 billion dollars of stimulus money that was given to the renewable energy industry by President Obama?

That money could have been used to assist the average person, not the Elon Musk’s of the world. When you see a bird, remember the hundreds of thousands that are being killed each year in the name of green energy.

Jim Johnston