City has lost sight of its role

To the Editor,

Enough is enough! The issue of a new city hall has turned into a personal battle. The city council has lost sight of its role for the taxpayers. One council member has publicly stated he doesn’t care how the public feels, he will and did vote for the new city hall. The other council members obviously agreed with him. It’s a sad day! It’s long overdue for the council to stop the personal battles and find how the public really feels.

As a starter, there are issues the council never considered. For example, consolidating the county and city police and finding a new home for the city-county police. Not once did the council sit down and discuss how they can best spend $10 million for the citizens of Laurinburg. From the very start they were focused on a new city hall. No real study of other needs of the city and county. This is irresponsible planning for anybody.

Here is a suggestion to chew on. Consolidate the county and the city police. Build a facility that will house the new police department and house a recreation center for our thousands of youth. Give the youth a place to go! Imagine a recreation facility with constant police presence and interaction. No hangout for trouble makers!

Now we have room vacated by the police for the city hall employees to expand.

Finally, city council members, if you continue on your path to build a new city all, it will stand forever as a monument of the fact that you never considered other options and you allowed you personal battles to control your thinking! That will be your legacy!

Bill Morgan,

Former Scotland County commissioner and school board member.