Mayor should speak out

To the editor:

I’m a concerned citizen of Scotland County. I live on a fixed income as I’m sure a lot of Scotland County does.

I can’t afford higher taxes and light bills. You say Dr. Block needs to tone it down, but I say he needs to rev it up. He is telling the truth and trying to help this county. I’m for him 100 percent — there are schools closing when they could be fixed up and save a lot of our money.

A new city hall — come on we’re not New York or any other big city. Do a renovation there also. Think of the citizens.

All these vacant houses sitting there, you say the city needs fixing up, then start with these. Either fix up or tear down and put our money where the citizens want it — that’s definitely not new schools and a new city hall. It’s all what the city council and school board want. To heck with anyone else.

Go Dr. Block, don’t tone it down, we’re here to back you 100 percent.

Patsy Brayboy