Trump fails to confront Saudis

To the editor:

So many times I’ve heard aggravated and/or irritated people say: “If I could get to them, I’d tell them to their faces!” Recently, I’ve heard President Barack Obama, members of his administration and news media criticized for not including the adjective “Islamic” when addressing radical terrorism.

During his campaign and since his election, President Donald Trump has continually used the phrase, “radical Islamic terrorism.” As I write, President Trump is arriving in Israel, after making a plea in Saudi Arabia for all Islamic nations to join in the fight against – terrorism? Just terrorism? What happened to the adjective “Islamic” in that “face to face” opportunity?

But giving credit where credit is due, Trump is a brilliant politician. He knows how to use erroneous propaganda to garner votes. He also knows that today’s radical terrorists are no more Islamic than America’s Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan were Christian. I wonder if Trump will return boasting how he “told them to their faces?” I wonder if he will continue to refer to media as “fake news,” if they dare point out his politically exploited omission of the adjective “Islamic?”

What do you think?

Robert C. Currie Jr.

Scotland County