Melting pot or Crock Pot?

By: Mark Schenck - Contributing columnist

All Americans should take a little pride in our country’s political system, no other country would offer a selection of 17 presidential candidates and from just one party.

The Republican presidential race is what America is all about, “freedom.” Freedom to challenge a government you disagree with or attempt to stop those you feel are trying to destroy the fundamentals of it’s foundation.

But don’t think for a minute that the rest of the world isn’t watching this election and as they do they are witnessing one political party that offered the greatest diversity of American presidential candidates ever assembled, the American Republican Party.

The original 17 Republican presidential candidates offered voters choices not only in political philosophy but also a choice of gender, age, ethnic backgrounds, race and religion. America’s Republican presidential candidates truly represented a cross section of our countries historic “melting pot.”

On the other hand, we have two Socialists, (one “Flaming Socialist” and the other of the closet variety.) These two candidates could very well have been from a third-world election. The Democrat’s only choice was: this old white socialist or that old white socialist, much like choosing between Fidel and Raul Castro.

No mistaking, American Republicans offered a cross section of America’s “melting pot” while the Democrats offered identical twins straight from the Socialist “Crock Pot.”

Sadly, thinking they are creating a perfect world where most everything is free, Socialist Democrats seem to be trying to destroy the very country they grew up in. Comparing that condition to an animal’s behavior it’s like a dog soiling it’s own bed and that’s something even a dog won’t do intentionally.

Economic experts sociologist and historians all agree this country can not sustain itself through many more years of Liberal Socialism as it is destroying the economy, cultivating divisive racial separatism, and by using government authority, encouraging the moral degeneration of our family units and social structure.

In case you haven’t noticed liberal Democrat members of Charlotte City Council have passed an ordinance declaring Women’s restrooms open for both sexes. Liberal Democrats in Charlotte made it legal for boys to trot right in and use the women’s restroom perhaps while your wife or daughter is in there … Gov. McCrory vows a fight.

Liberal Democrats, not Republicans, are refusing to tell where illegal immigrants are being dumped in our country, random occurrences of diseases common in South America such as Polio, Measles and the Zika virus are appearing in areas known for liberal Democrat’s that are sympathetic to illegal aliens.

After spending $10 trillion less than eight years we hear from our liberal Socialist Democrat president that our infrastructure, roads, bridges, and such are falling apart and he needs a 25 cent a gallon tax on gasoline to fix everything…again? Wasn’t that what the trillions in stimulus money was for? Could we please see an itemized receipt of what the stimulus money really did purchase?

After billions of dollars and thousands of lives lost, liberal Democrat administration made the decision to abandon Iraq which most say caused the rise of ISIS.

All sanctuary cities, where convicted illegal aliens are protected from deportation, are governed by Liberal Democrats… Areas of the country where marijuana is used for recreation are all governed by Liberal Democrats.

In the “Fast and Furious” gun catastrophe, liberal Democrat official, (A.G. Eric Holder), gave Mexican drug gangs hundreds of high-powered rifles, capable of bring down a helicopter or stopping a car.

Th same guns that ultimately ended the life of our boarder guard.

The 10 top cities for gun homicides in 2012 were Detroit, Baltimore,New Orleans, Oakland, Memphis, Cleveland, Kansas City Missouri, Philadelphia, and Chicago, all ten have Liberal Democrat governments.

Liberal Socialist Democrats told the uninformed that Obamacare would do away with the 30 million Americans that had no health insurance yet recently, in South Carolina, Hillary Clinton bragged, Obamacare was such a great success that only 10 percent of Americans were uninsured….What?…We’ve spent trillions of dollars to get rid of 30 million uninsured and now we only have 10 percent of 315 million Americans uninsured?

And Hillary Clinton is going from town to town telling everyone she will do the same great job Mr. Obama did.

Mark Schenck

Contributing columnist

Mark Schenck is chairman of the Scotland County Republican Party.

Mark Schenck is chairman of the Scotland County Republican Party.