City Hall idea needs more study

To the editor:

I am hearing much discussion on WEWO and WLNC, and reading in your newspaper about the possibility of replacing our current municipal buildings with modern, more economically practical facilities at the same location.

There are sensible arguments on both sides of the issue, while others say those $millions could be better spent on a recreational facility. I am old enough to remember the controversy over combining different agencies in a new county complex. I well remember conflicting opinions over moving the Board of Educated from a very old house into the empty Belk’s building. As we have seen recently, there are problems with the converted aging Barrett house, and City Hall. I fully realize the advantage of a central location for the Laurinburg Police Department, but considering the fact that our Sheriff’s Department serves Gibson, Laurel Hill, Wagram and rural northern Scotland County from the southeast corner, could the Laurinburg Police department serve the city from a non-central location?

Just as the empty Belk’s building is serving the school board well, why couldn’t the empty Abbott Laboratories building be renovated to house all municipal agencies and departments, plus an indoor recreational facility? Could there be at least a study to determine how the cost would compare with the current proposal?

Thank you for allowing me to ask,

Robert C. Currie Jr.