Poor but not stupid

By: Mark Schenck - Contributing columnist

America’s poor and minorities are not able to handle a simple task like producing a photo I.D. to vote?

Now that’s a pretty darn offensive assumption yet that’s what the Socialist Democrats, liberals and the professional race exploiters are trying to convince the world.

America’s poor and minorities can’t figure out a way to produce a photo I.D. to vote! Sorry Bernie, Hillary, Al, and you folks at the NAACP wing of the Democrat Party, but your boss, Mr. Obama, just recently gave $50 million of your tax money to the Kenyan government for voter identification cards. By this action do you suppose Mr. Obama thinks Kenya’s poor blacks are smarter than America’s?

Sorry, but you folks that keep your political jobs by manipulating the less fortunate, “being a minority or being poor doesn’t mean you’re stupid.”

Self respect is an important part of any race or culture, yet those that make their living disrupting racial harmony, are out there constantly telling the world “America’s poor minorities are being taken advantage of because they’re asked to produce a photo ID. to vote.” But if the truth were known these so called heart felt concerns for minority voters’ rights are just efforts to boost the minority voter turn out for Hillary Clinton.

Minority voters suffered the most under Mr. Obama’s liberal Democrat and Socialist policies. Mr. Obama took our country into debt some $8 trillion with little or no oversight or accountability when Nancy Pelosi controlled the House of Representatives. That $8 trillion might as well have been thrown in the fire for all it did was help increase our government’s size by 400 percent and produce more “liberal Democrat blue smoke.”

During Mr. Obama’s seven years as president, Wall Street set new all-time records while the rest of the country, on paper, managed a meager recovery except for the poor and minorities who grew poorer. Black American’s average income fell 11.1 percent, more than twice as much as whites and the difference in wealth between whites and blacks has almost doubled during Mr. Obama’s term in office.

Minorities put Mr. Obama over the top in the last election. More Hispanics voted for Mr. Obama in 2012 than in 2008, would that have something to do with the Obama administrations “open border policy? Ever wonder how many illegals would get across the border if they voted Republican?

In spite of minority support, Mr. Obama is doing nothing about illegal aliens that are gobbling up the lower skilled manual labor jobs that our poor minorities and less educated usually survive on. You’ve got to wonder why would any poor minority vote for a party that is literally giving their jobs away to illegal aliens just for a few lousy votes? Poor minorities stupid? No, however, (to paraphrase Albert Einstein), poor and minorities continuing to vote for the same old political party and expecting different results may qualify them as insane.

Mr. Obama hasn’t deliberately targeted minorities to decrease their prosperity it’s just his Socialist redistribution schemes have hurt minorities more than whites. This is mainly because the net worth of minorities, more so than whites, are dependent on their home equity. Minorities lost much of their total wealth when the housing bubble burst, which most agree was the result of two liberal Democrats, (Chris Dodd and Barney Frank), sticking their Socialist-inspired noses into areas of home loans where our government had no business. They found out the hard way that you’re not doing anyone any favor’s helping folks buy a home they can’t afford. Home foreclosure rates during the recession, for blacks, were 9.8 percent versus 5.0 percent for whites. This alone resulted in a major decrease in the black communities total wealth.

With this seemingly deliberate influx of illegal aliens crossing our Southern Border, so called refugees from various Middle Eastern countries being flown in daily, and over one million projected Cuban Communist emigrants that have already started arriving, it shouldn’t take the next liberal, or Socialist Democrat president long to propose illegal immigrants be allowed to vote. States that are preparing for this fight ahead of time are, Alabama, Georgia, and Kansas who are already demanding “proof of citizenship” when registering to vote.

Cuban emigrants should fit rather well into the Socialist take over of the Democrat Party, after all the main difference between Communism and Socialism is just the question of “Who has the keys to the factory”everything else is pretty much the same.

Our home-grown liberals and Socialists are keeping many American minorities and poor from ever having a decent job due to what seems to be the Democrat’s obsession with stuffing the ballot box with low educated foreign emigrants. Emigrants that are already government dependent and have never had freedom will assuredly vote for liberal and Socialist Democrats. No wonder America’s poor minorities are looking at other political parties for respect.


Mark Schenck

Contributing columnist

Mark Schenck is chairman of the Scotland County Republican Party.

Mark Schenck is chairman of the Scotland County Republican Party.