Cherish your religious rights

By: Mark Schenck - Contributing columnist

Those of retirement age may remember when a contestant on the CBS Network Show, “The $64,000 Question” was asked to spell Antidisestablishmentarianism, one of the longest non-scientific words in the English language.

As the story goes, the contestant did win, however like some other network productions in those days the show was proven to be a fraud and was eventually forced off the air.

Today we just refer to them as Mainstream News Media and let them continue.

The word itself, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is defined as: “a political position in opposition to liberal proposals for the disestablishment of the Church of England.” In plain language it gave a name to the liberals that were trying to destroy the Catholic Reformed Church of England. Even in the 19th-century those referred to as liberals were working to undermine religious institutions.

Today liberal secularism and atheism hide behind a wall of constitutional misinformation. Atheists demand every government activity in public schools, government buildings, national parks and even our cemeteries, must not have any religious content. Religious signs, songs, verbiage, of any kind brings an immediate outcry of “separation of Church and State!” Recently a School in Kentucky prohibited Linus from reading Luke 2:8-14 during Charlie Brown’s Christmas Play and insisted on the lyrics to “Silent Night” be changed into something resembling “Secular Night.”

This kind of nonsense is brain washing our young children and leaving them with doubts and distrust about religion. Just remember, this form of religious harassment in our local schools is mandated by the same federal Department of Education that would love to bring you Common Core.

Why, are secularist, and atheistic groups protesting Christmas decorations, seasonal religious symbols, and traditional Christmas music? The so-called separation of church and state does not appear in our Constitution, it is only mentioned in the Federalist Papers. Provisions to establish a theocratic government has not nor could it ever be part of our Constitution as it is written today. Ever since the signing of our Constitution it has been virtually impossible for Americans to be against a government supported religion simply because state sponsored religion does not exist. Our United States Constitution states we are a republic not a theocracy, period!

How are atheists winning so many anti-Christian, “Godless” court judgments when they have nothing to substantiate their stand that “there is no God?” Again, we go back to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary for the description of Atheism: “a disbelief in the existence of a deity, (God).”…Notice the word “disbelief,” also note there is no mention of proof, witnesses, or evidence to support this Godless anti-Christ conclusion. Atheism is a faith-based belief. Unlike Atheism, Christianity offers substantial verification to it’s followers in the form of the oldest collection of History Books in the World, the Christian Bible. In the many books of the Bible followers of Christianity find names, dates, places and quotations associated with Biblical history, Atheist have only their opinion. Yet time after time schools, cities, states and businesses, lacking the thousands of dollars in legal fees, will capitulate rather than fight these godless anti-Christian organizations.

One such organization is the ACLU which was formed in 1920 to protect the American Communist Party members. The ACLU has proven to be vehemently anti-Christian and anti-American traditional values. The name “American Civil Liberties Union” (ACLU) sounds like an organization that protects American values. Many people believe that the ACLU is the nation’s guardian of liberty, and protector of the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately, the ACLU was never a primary promoter, or protector of American values or the Constitution. The ACLU has created the false image of being a champion of the so-called American oppressed, but in actuality it uses the powers of the government to coerce members of our society into accepting a godless Communism way of life one little court case at a time.

Research shows that membership in the big traditional US. Christian church is on the decline relative to the main population. Many say the decline is due to the strong emergence of left wing Liberals, Progressives and Democrat Socialists most of which lean heavily left towards secularism and atheism. Another contributing factor is said to be the current administration’s promotion of a massive influx of both legal and illegal immigrants largely consisting of non-Christians. This growing national secularism and atheism is said to be responsible for the contentious demands that religion not play any role in government, education, or other public controlled part of society. The Pew Research Center’s Religious Landscape survey also confirms that decedents of European Christians are now in the minority for the first time in this nation’s history, “ down nine percent since Mr. Obama has been president.

Merry Christmas from your Scotland County Republican Party.

Mark Schenck

Contributing columnist

Mark Schenck is chairman of the Scotland County GOP.

Mark Schenck is chairman of the Scotland County GOP.