Mayor Block has a point

To the editor:

I like to begin my letter with the closing words Robert C. Currie always uses when he writes to The Laurinburg Exchange, “Think about it.”

I do not know where each reader of The Laurinburg Exchange stands on either supporting our mayor, or objecting to his comments in front of the city council, or when written in The Laurinburg Exchange. Our elected officials have become frustrated with his outspoken demeanor, but ask yourself, is what he is saying wrong, or does he have a point?

As far as I am concerned, he uses common sense thinking, something most politicians have lost. Ask yourself when reading the attacks on Mayor Block, what is he talking about? He speaks mainly about how council members are no longer listening to the people. Ramming the new City Hall building down citizen’s throat, without listening to the people’s wishes, is one example.

During the last city council meeting one audience member tried to express his support for Mayor Block, but was told the public comment session was over, is another. Our key question before the next election should be, what has city council accomplished? Has the economy improved, did jobs return to our area, have real estate values gone up, have taxes been lowered, are people attracted to move to Laurinburg? I could go on, but are constrained by the limits of words The Exchange allows for the “Reader View” section.

So in closing I ask, aren’t Mayor Block’s comments true and accurate?

Think about it.

Horst Hanak