LETTER:Please respect Laurinburg’s history

To the editor:

A recent Laurinburg Exchange article mentioned the Barrett Building, Laurinburg’s City Hall, will be demolished this September to make room for the new $ 10 million City Hall most citizens oppose. The new City Hall will not even include a Mayor’s Office. This is incomprehensible and makes absolutely no sense. Is this the way city leader decided to show their displeasure with Mayor Block, who’s ideas are never welcome? That the present City Hall, named after the longest serving Laurinburg Mayor, Charles Barrett, must be destroyed shows the lack of respect shown for his service and for the history of this building. Tearing down and building new erases the history of a country, or in this case our county. What would Europe look like if old historic buildings had been removed? Europe’s history is maintained in its architecture and its buildings. Even some of the buildings destroyed during WWII have been rebuild to maintain the past. The removal of a building once dedicated to honor one of our own should be seriously reconsidered.

Horst Hanak