Letter: Kudos to Focus columnist

To the editor:

Hooray for Noran Sanford’s Jan. 26 article on the opportunities in Laurinburg/Scotland County.

My family, husband Oren and I and three children ages 10, 9 and 7, moved here in 1972. What a beautiful city. A city of beautiful bloom and trees – an All America city.

Doug Yongue built our house forty-five years ago that I live in today.

We were all involved in public education. We were nurtured by the caring talented citizens and we gave back to the community availing ourselves of the many many opportunities for civic and social development. The churches played a vital part in caring for the community and St. Andrews College (University now) proved a wonderful asset educationally, culturally with excellent opportunities in all aspects of the arts – music, theatre, creative writing as well as excellent academic opportunities taught by extremely gifted professors.

We have indeed lost our industries; we have indeed managed to lose our tax base by perhaps not being as selfishly aggressive as we could have been. But the fact is we have so much more than most small towns across this land.

We have a growing medical community second to none and Scotia Village, an exceptionally wonderful retirement complex.

If we added up the plusses and advantages of living here, I believe the list would far surpass the negatives.

Nothing is static, life is dynamic and life is a trade-off every day.

Thinking positively is great, but backing positive thinking up with action can lead to progress, creativity, contemplative considerations and the realization that the collective “we” makes an area what it is for good or bad.

Thank you Noran (your mom taught my children and James came home to make a life here) and all those who work daily to help our beautiful city and county to grow the kind of change we need.

I am fortunate to have made Laurinburg/Scotland County our home for forty-five years.

Carol Whitehead