Letter: Mayor stop attacks

To the editor:

Reading Mayor Matthew Block’s latest column I can’t help wondering if he has decided to take a page from the “Trump Playbook.”

Sen.Bill Purcell asks for some civility in the city council but what does he get? A full page attack by the mayor. Of course, we should expect as much as the mayor uses his column to lambaste anyone who even in the slightest way disagrees with or questions him. In the process, he alienates the very people that must make the decisions that he wants. Let’s be clear. In the city manager-form of government, which is what Laurinburg has, the primary decision-making power rests with the city manager and council. If Mayor Block wants to accomplish anything, he will have to work through these folks. The mayor needs to build bridges with these people, but instead, he is burning them. One more point. Mayor Block is constantly trumpeting the fact that he was elected by the people. Well, so was city council.

Roy Anderson