LETTER: Spa owner providesinformation about closure

To the editor:

Bella Aqua Spa wants to provide additional information in order to assist our clients in the transition of closure and relocation as The Facial Aesthetics Studio and Bodyworks Massage.

We have always honored gift certificates even as far back as 2005. We have honored transferred gift cards, expired gift cards and exchanged services at the client’s request. If you have an outstanding gift card, please call 910-277-7333 and schedule your service by July 24.

We regret that we can no longer afford to honor gift cards sold to Angel of Massage, a separate business entity that leased space from Bella Aqua Spa. Most of these cards were written on Bella Aqua Spa inserts, but the funds went into the business of Angel of Massage. We have honored these gift cards at 100 percent face value after the owner of Angel of Massage became ill and relocated out of state, but the cost of doing this has caused great financial difficulties for the Spa.

Dr. Jeff Byrd will continue providing medical aesthetic services such as Botox Cosmetic injections and Juvederm XC Ultra Plus, which is a facial wrinkle filler. He will also relocate to The Facial Aesthetics Studio and Bodyworks Massage location at 713 S. Main St. All clients need to call 910-277-7333 to continue making appointments with all therapists as well as with Dr. Byrd. We will keep the same phone number. If there are any other changes, we will notify you via this newspaper.

Thank you for allowing us to care for you. We look forward to providing your skin care and massage treatments at The Facial Aesthetics Studio and Bodyworks Massage.

Lynne Driggers

owner, Bella Aqua Spa