LETTER: City fails totake care of oak trees

To the editor:

Am I the only citizen of Laurinburg who is put out by the neglect of the oak trees planted by the city several years ago at the intersection of South Main Street and the 401 Bypass? One by one, these trees are being snapped off at their stump by high winds. These trees were supposed to provide an attractive avenue to Main Street, but now are painfully embarrassing to look at, as most have been destroyed by neglect. Many cities plant oak trees of similar size to create an immediate impact on the scenery. The difference here is that the city of Laurinburg, for whatever reason, is not capable or is not willing to care for trees like other places. In Lumberton, The Oaks development routinely plants trees of similar size and the trees survive. The difference is that Lumberton cares for the trees, by pruning and staking, whereas the city of Laurinburg does nothing as the trees, one by one, are snapped in half due to neglect.

These trees were planted at a considerable expense to the Laurinburg tax payer. I think it is a shame that the taxpayer’s investment in the beautification of Laurinburg is being wasted due to the neglect of the city.

Certainly there are more important issues facing the city than losing a few oak trees. But, as a Laurinburg taxpayer, I am very disturbed that my tax money is being wasted because city workers and their supervisors apparently either don’t know what they are doing or don’t care enough to do simple maintenance to protect the taxpayers’ investment.

Matthew Block