LETTER: ‘News’ hostfails to cover shooting

To the editor,

While watching the 5 a.m. news as we prepared for the two-hour drive to a medical clinic, we heard breaking news about a church shooting in South Carolina. During the long drive we scanned radio station after station, but details were sketchy. As we shuffled back and forth, other patients were glued to the lobby TV, while staff members huddled beneath it each time they had a free minute. When we finally got a chance to watch for a while, we learned that the shooter had been apprehended without violent confrontation. As we were leaving, we learned of a possible white supremacy motive, and experts were questioning the possibility of exposure to racist internet propaganda and incendiary radio commentary.

On the long drive back we listened to the radio host who titles himself “America’s Truth Detector,” and claims to be our nation’s most accurate news broadcaster, best informed commentator, and most intelligent analyst; the man who supposedly gathers national and international news first and reports it so accurately that other news agencies use his expertise for their show prep. We learned a little more about the terrible tragedy during the news breaks. We did not hear the entire three-hour program, but for almost two hours we never heard America’s self-appointed “Doctor of Democracy” say a single word about the breaking news that totally dominated TV news and conversation in the clinic lobby. Wonder why?

Think about it, please?

Robert C. Currie Jr.