County GOP lists top governmental concerns

China executes drug dealers; Japan has little or no welfare; Israel mandates military service for all. These are all ways of governing that are different from the U.S. But shouldn’t we be looking at changing the way we run certain areas of U.S. government that are not working today, and those that have never worked?

From time to time your Scotland Republican Party has what we like to call a “Town Hall Discussion.” There are no keynote or special speakers. Our discussions could be compared to that of a church letting its congregation conduct the service — they give everyone a chance to get things that might be bothering them off their chest. Some just need more information on a particular subject, and others just need to “vent.” Many have remarked that it’s comforting to know that others share your same view point.

Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedures are set aside for the evening. We have only one rule of common courtesy we share — only one person talks at a time, which works most of the time. The chairman primarily limits his participation to recognizing individuals that wish to speak. All Republicans that are on our email list are notified when a town hall discussion is to take place, giving them adequate time to prepare. And, as always, all are welcome to attend any meeting.

At our last town hall discussion the question was “What would you change in our state or federal government?”

A list of 20 very interesting responses were documented. Some of these issues were brand new ones and some have been around as long as anyone can remember and yet still haven’t been changed.

No. 1: Close the border — No more illegals. We can’t afford their welfare, don’t want their illegal guns, diseases, crime, gangs and drugs. Get in line and get screened!

No. 2: Smaller, restructured IRS — We’re using computers now, not pencils. It should take less time to produce more.

No. 3: Fair tax — It doesn’t raise prices and everyone pays a fair share. You pay no taxes unless you make a purchase.

No. 4: Congressional term limits — Familiarity breeds contempt. We need new ideas. Political service should be a duty not a career.

No. 5: Strong military — Don’t get us into a fight unless you intend to win.

No. 6: No special retirement programs for senators and representatives.

No. 7: Separate the disabled from social security — Help the disabled, but not with retirement funds.

No. 8: Establish a reward system for reporting entitlement fraud. An anonymous hotline should serve as a “Night Watchman.”

No. 9: Fix the Veterans’ Administration — Hire a private corporation to manage V.A. hospitals. Establish a voucher system for local doctors and facilities relating to non-life threatening physical and mental conditions.

No. 10: Stop allowing Muslims to immigrate without proper screening — 100,000 per year.

No. 11: State laws should be rule. Limit federal control of the Environmental Protection Agency, Obamacare, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, etc. Stop using federal funds to blackmail states.

No. 12: Add peacetime balanced federal budget amendment to our Constitution.

No. 13: Mandatory two-year military service for all — Teach youths skills, respect for authority, discipline, organization and patriotism.

No. 14: Drug test all welfare recipients and elected officials.

No. 15: Limit one new child after signing up for welfare.

No. 16: Reform or eliminate the department of education.

No. 17: No unions for state, federal, county or city government employees.

No. 18: Abolish the United Nations and establish the “United Free World.” Only those that have freedom in their constitution need apply.

No. 19: Privatize federal lands — A government should not own more land than its people.

No. 20: Eliminate Obamacare and help young doctors who serve in free clinics pay their way through medical school.

Although this type list was originally requested by Gov. Scott Walker’s presidential campaign, it is being sent to all 2016 candidates in all races, both Democrat and Republican.

In today’s world the original, America-loving Democrats may find they have a lot in common with Republicans when it comes to solving many of these issues. So far all registered Democrats that we’ve had review these 20 points are in agreement with most ideas, at least in principle. However, no liberals have voiced an opinion on these issues due to the fact that no one seems willing to admit them being one.

Mark Schenck is chairman of the Scotland County Republican Party.