YOUR VIEW: Have recent shark attacks changed your beach plans?

“We were going Charleston next month, renting a house for a week, but my husband and I won’t be going. If I can’t get in the water, I’m afraid. I don’t think my arm off would match my dress. I saw the story with the little boy and that’s so sad, but he’s not afraid and he’s looking forward to life. Older people like me, I don’t think I could deal with that.” — Sarah Johnson

“I’ve looked at the news where they were saying that they had been doing some fishing and they were going to cancel it because they thought it was drawing sharks toward shallow waters, so there might be less sharks attack if they weren’t doing that fishing, drawing them in. But as far as being afraid of water, as long as I can see, I’m good. As far as getting into deeper water, surfing, I wouldn’t, not at this point.” — Larnell Shaw

Have Sunday’s shark attacks off of Oak Island altered your summer travel plans?